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An Important Announcement from Bosco Cole

Over the past few years I have been preparing to launch my premier website and offer customized services in 2020, a pivotal campaign year. But as we are now months into this public health emergency and global pandemic due to Covid-19, I am announcing the postponement of these programs until 2021. This means that my areas of specialty like the Winning Envelope, second chance advocacy, justice reform, alternative sentencing, and re-entry programs and resources will be put on hold until further notice. For more than 3 decades, I have reached across political party lines, both Democratic and Republican, to be a voice for all walks of life, to erase labels and to make a difference in the community, especially within the multi-cultural realm.

In the meantime, I am staying safe by abiding by the standards put forth by today’s health experts. I look forward to keeping you updated about all the exciting news ahead in 2021 and beyond.

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