About Bosco Cole

Throughout his extensive career, Bosco Cole has been involved in the political, legal, civic, and faith-based communities. His combined passions of people and politics have culminated in four areas of specialty:

  • Political Campaign Strategist
  • Faith-Based Organizations Advocate
  • Second-Chance Advocate

Countless experiences from the front lines of life, where he interacted with people from across all economic spectrums, have culminated in knowing the time is right for Bosco to present his Winning Formula. Those who apply it will feel its impact from the campaign trail to the application of their platforms.

Bosco was born in the Panama Canal Zone and was privileged to travel abroad extensively with his family. He interacted with people from many countries and, as a result, never saw color, race, or ethnicity, just good people. Bosco was introduced to a life of the community and political service while attending the University of South Carolina as a Business Administration major. It was from that campus during a summer internship that he served as Activities Coordinator for the West Point cadets, and from where he was privileged to serve as a House Page to several house members, including one who later became South Carolina's governor.

Bosco eventually crossed paths with Lon Day, Jr., co-founder of Days Inn, who became his friend and mentor. Day taught Bosco in parables about the tenacity and perseverance life requires. From Day, he learned that true philanthropy involves both money and time and that the contribution of time often makes the longest-lasting impact.

For over ten years, Bosco organized, planned, produced, and co-chaired the highly successful and well-attended nonpartisan, international event in Atlanta: the Congressman John Lewis Multicultural Festival, celebrating what Lewis coined as building “an all-encompassing community that values the dignity of every individual – what I like to call the Beloved Community.”

The festival highlights brought together local community members, global representatives, and government consulates alike.

He has volunteered with civic, faith-based, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Bosco’s mission has always been to be a catalyst for positive change within a bipartisan, diverse and inclusive arena. It was from this positioning that he ultimately became an observer, thinker, visionary, doer, and the voice of the people.

Bosco is grateful to God for his research, the various components of the Winning Formula, and for the experiences, insights, and life lessons acquired on his journey, all of which inspired his love for people from all walks of life and contributed to his vision and ability to be an agent of change and an influencer.