The Winning Formula

Keith Gammage Bosco ColeThere are sometimes points in our lives where we see things coming together clearly, a realization that gives value to our experiences, our choices, and our paths. This pinnacle often becomes the launching point for something new; something that comprises all the information gathered, the knowledge acquired, and the lessons learned; offered for the purpose of serving and benefitting others while simultaneously positioning us to embark on another phase of our personal journey of self-discovery and renewal.

For me, that culmination of evidence has been evolving through my dedication and support within the political, legal, civic, and faith-based communities. Through these years of involvement with many campaigns at the city, state, and national levels; a multitude of civic organizations; and many government and political leaders, I have created a Winning Formula in all these areas. My methodology is proven and proprietary, giving the candidate the advantage of such unique and far-reaching experience.

In so much as I have studied, analyzed, and worked on many political campaigns, I implement strategic methods to ensure winning elections for candidates from all sectors and my contributions to the community have had strong and enduring impacts with elected officials.

I have dedicated my efforts and time to assisting on the front lines in some races, or behind the scenes in others, to help elect (or re-elect) those individuals who have benefitted from my personal connections. My tactical formula, the Winning Formula, continues years later.

  • United States Congress
  • United States Senate
  • State House of Representatives
  • State Senate
  • Judicial Races
  • State Court of Appeals
  • Governor
  • City Council
  • Secretary of State
  • Solicitor General
  • Mayor

"I pen this letter in support of Bosco Cole, a brilliant public servant. Mr. Cole was  an invaluable member of my campaign team for Fulton County Solicitor General. It became immediately apparent that Bosco is able to draw from a wealth of contact with people from all walks of life. He was always abreast of current events related to my campaign and had a strategic plan to address every obstacle which was invaluable. Bosco came highly recommended by a national opinion shaper. I highly recommend Mr. Cole for any position he may wish to pursue, as I am certain that he will be a valuable asset to any campaign."

Keith E. Gammage

Solicitor General of Fulton County